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From Rice to Flour From MAXX SERIES to MAXX FLOUR

Maxtex Trading Group, the leading company in innovative and modern technology agricultural machinery. We are a pioneer and global leader in smart innovation, the best technology, and know-how for rice flour processing by wet milling compact platform “Maxx Series” which gives the longer-lasting, finest, and best premium quality rice flour “Maxx Flour”. We provide the by-order production service, for many kinds of rice flour, using a cutting-edge Wet Milling technology that is of international standard. Our production line is certified for its quality control, whether with the certifications for food safety and industry-standard certifications, such as FDA, HACCP, GMP, HALAL & GHP. 

MAXX Brown Rice Flour

Premium wellness brown rice flour from whole grain rice through wet milling technology. Maxx brown rice flour through wet milling method will be fine and rich in nutrients. – It can be adjusted to make a variety of bakery products. – It is suitable for people who are allergic to gluten. – For some recipes, it can be used as a substitute for wheat flour 100%. – It is good for the health and digestion system because it is gluten-free. The way to avoid and reduce the risk of digestive system problems or a gastrointestinal disorder is to have good consumption and choose the product which is good for your health.

MAXX Brown Rice Flour Recipes

Driven by our passion for wholesome food, we partnered with renowned chefs and nutritionists to create a range of health-conscious recipes using brown rice flour. From delightful gluten-free bread to toast, cookies, muffins, butter cakes, sweet buns, tortillas, and grissini.  

We will not stop collaborating with nutritionists to expand our repertoire to include savory recipes such as pasta, gluten-free pizza crusts, and crispy fried snacks. 

Opportunities in Food Business

With our exceptional brown rice flour, we anticipated that it would cater to a wide range of clients in the food business, including bakery manufacturers, distributors, and importers. We believe that our product would not only meet your needs but also contribute to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

For bakery manufacturers

our brown rice flour offers an excellent gluten-free alternative, allowing you to expand your product range and cater to customers with dietary restrictions. The versatility and nutritional value of our flour made it an ideal choice for creating a variety of baked goods.

For Distributors

you will see the potential of our brown rice flour as a sought-after ingredient. Its high-quality sourcing and health benefits resonated with health-conscious consumers, creating an opportunity for you to meet the rising demand for wholesome and gluten-free products.

For importers and exporters in the food business

you will appreciate the value of our brown rice flour in international markets. Its versatility and health-conscious appeal make it an attractive choice for expanding product portfolios and accessing a wider health-conscious consumer base.

Excellent Advantages of Maxx Flour

  • Contains Protein  : Rice flour is known to be rich in protein. Especially brown rice which has higher levels of B vitamins.
  • Contains Fiber     : Rice flour can provide you with a good amount of fiber, which is essential for all types of diets. Thanks to its high fiber content, it can lower cholesterol, improve blood sugar levels, and help with digestion.Replacing wheat flour with rice flour can also help weight loss. It can also prevent diseases such as diabetes (type-2), hypertension, and colon diseases.
  • It’s Gluten-Free   : Rice flour is entirely gluten-free. Therefore it’s an excellent option for those who are gluten-intolerant or for those who suffer from Celiac disease. Celiac disease is a digestive problem that affects the immune system once contacted with gluten.
  • Contains Choline : Choline is an essential nutrient for humans and animals. It helps transport cholesterol and triglycerides from the liver to the needed parts of the body. Therefore rice flour can help improve liver health. 



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Let’s examine the difference between wet milling and dry milling.
Dry milling typically uses particle-on-particle contact to reduce materials’ size, while wet milling involves dispersing the material in a liquid and using solid, grinding elements to reduce size. Rice varieties can be broken down through either one of these processes, but wet milling, which we’ll discuss first, tends to be a more intensive process than dry milling. Wet milling, also known as wet grinding, is decanted to obtain wet flour after which it is dried in hot air before sieving to desired particle size. Once the milling process is complete, these particles are ready for use or can be dried and separated for incorporation into additional products. Wet milling is more complex than dry milling, thanks to the addition of a liquid, but this process also has the power to reduce a product into finer particles. This allows to produce a greater variety of byproducts and can result in improved physical properties in the final product. By contrast, dry milling utilizes no liquid element, and is most frequently used for the particle size reduction of dry materials like powders and granules, or de-agglomerating and de-lumping bulk materials. While dry milling is a less intensive process, which often makes it the first method considered, wet milling is the best and most efficient way to get to the preferred Rice Flour particle size.

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