AGI (Ag Growth International)

consists of a global network of facilities to store, blend, mix, convey, condition process, and protect the hundreds of millions of tons of agriculture inputs and crops that must flow around the world on a daily basis.

AGI further refines the definition of the global food infrastructure to include the equipment and technology required to facilitate the global movement of the inputs to grow our crops, to move the crops to market, then to process the crops into feed for our animals and food for people.


A world class manufacturer of air management equipment specializing in the design of custom solutions for a wide range of industries. Helping companies meet OSHA, EPA and other clean air guidelines.


A leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling, and conditioning equipment including grain bins, bucket elevators, dryers, and cleaners.



Equipment for feed, grain, pet food, fish food, fertilizer, seed cleaning and industrial facilities, plus material handling equipment and specialty systems using light and heavy gauge, mild and stainless steel materials.


On-farm and commercial grain handling and storage solutions, as well as storage and containment systems to meet the needs of the petroleum, water and industrial sectors. Available worldwide.

Fertilizer Storage Systems

AGI provides customers with industry leading storage products to protect and preserve the quality of their fertilizer. Customized solutions based on project goals and needs are available. AGI also delivers large scale storage solutions that can withstand the harshest use-cases.