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Length Grader

MILLTEC Length Grader is widely used for the separation of broken rice from full rice and long rice. The machine is specifically designed to suit Basmati Rice, Raw Rice, Steam Rice, Parboiled Rice.

Our length graders enable our customers to separate broken grains from whole grains by passing them through rotating indented cylinders. The rotation results in the separation of the shorter broken grains from the whole grain, which are removed by a separate discharge outlet. These are equipped with features such as tear drop shaped indents to maximize the accuracy of separation as well as a sampling port to ensure that the output is of the desired quality. The equipment is installed with an in-built self-cleaning mechanism to ensure optimum productivity.

MILLTEC Length grader has rotating indented cylinder to separate broken or shorter grain from whole grain by length. As the cylinder rotates, the shorter grains get lifted until a point where the grain is dislodged by gravity in a collection and discharged through screw conveyor.

Specially designed indents make sure there is no rice among the separated broken. The full-grain length remains at the bottom of the cylinder and travels to a separate discharge outlet.

MILLTEC Length Grader features :

  • The indents on the inner walls of the cylinder, punched with imported
  • CNC machine ensures higher efficiency of segregation based on the length
  • Inbuilt self-cleaning mechanism ensures higher efficiency & smooth operations
  • Has a record number of sales because of its efficiency

Advantages of MILLTEC Length Grader :

  • Teardrop shaped indents for higher accuracy of separation
  • The modular construction of cylinders, one above the other to save space
  • Easy maintenance and minimum operating cost
  • Inbuilt self-cleaning mechanism to ensure optimum separation
  • The machine is equipped with sampling ports at the outlets to monitor the degree of separation
  • Percentage of broken separation is adjustable
  • Rigid fabricated body for smooth operation

Technical Description

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