Optical Color Sorter, RGB-True Color system

MAXTEX OPTICAL COLOR SORTER uses RGB-True Color system which enables the precise removal of foreign particles. The machine has high productivity and can greatly reduce the loss of quality grains. Its quality surpasses the price. Customers can greatly increase profit and added value. Maxtex is ready to play the part developing your production line to the maximum benefit.



Suitable structural design for the machine

  • Anti-dust design
  • Advanced optical control box
  • Electrical and signal system is installed inside the machine to reduce noise
  • Continuous cooling system, work without stopping the machine
  • Simple circuit board, easy for maintenance

High-quality CCD camera system with RGB True-Color

  • CCD camera with the resolution of 5400 pixel
  • Specifically designed high-precision lens for realistic image acquisition.
  • Precise color sorter, up to 0.11mm resolution, efficiently identify light color and discolored object.
  • Color camera effectively rejects light-grey, light-violet, or light-yellow grain.

Intelligent Mode

  • Most advanced SOC intelligent processing system, effectively reduce noise, fast control, and transmission
  • Color and shape sorting with a specifically designed process.
  • Data transmission with high-quality transmission equipment
  • Advanced touch screens using waveform monitoring, can be detailed programmed to the desired quality.

Advanced Feeding System

  • 300mm rail width
  • Specially coated aluminum (Anodized)
  • Fast flowing feed, good spread, high yield

High-quality blower from Italy (By Matrix)

  • High-frequency, lower energy consumption
  • Operating life of 1 billion times, low error rate
  • Effectively reduce loss, increase profit, and added value
  • Premium-quality precise sorting
  • Low maintenance cost

LED Lighting System

  • RGB LED lights, more than 50,000 hours (2 years) of operating life, sturdy, no accumulated heat, steady light
  • 16.5 adjustable color palettes (Background)