About Us

Strive for excellent service, commitment towards international standards

MAXTEX, or Maximum Technology, was established in 1996 by Mr. Tripop Boonmuan, the owner and the president of MAXTEX Group. Mr. Tripop started working with SORTEX in 1985 as a service engineer providing service for SCANEAST until he was promoted to the service manager. He then quit SORTEX and established his own company, MAXTEX Engineering Co., Ltd. which is the sole distributor of Optical Color Sorter in Thailand.


In 2013, after an unfair termination of the representative agreement. Mr. Tripop did not give up and started working on research and manufacturing of his own products. With his own experience and a team of expert engineers, we built the first Thai Optical Color Sorter with the name “MAXSORT” which involves many great features from other brands to satisfy the needs of the customers. 

Our Philosophy

An excellence in customer service with international standard

We have won 5 international marketing and service awards.

MAXTEX is a Thai company which cares for their customers.

We are known for our high-technology customer services to give convenient and fast services for Optical Color Sorter customers.


Develop and provide innovations, solutions, and know-how, including excellent service, with two-decade milestone as well as modern technology in order to drive the best and effective production and add value to the agricultural industry, and also create the sustainability organization and society.


Leader of technology innovation and machineries in Southeast Asia for the food industries, agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, seafoods, plastics, flour, and medicines.

We bring your project to life using cutting edge technology​

We are implementing the idea “Maxtex Supermart” which came from how products are shown on the shelf in the supermarket. We sell various imported parts and machinery which can completely support the Turn Key Project production line. We cooperate with leading global companies with world-class quality and technology.

We have a dedicated team of professionals

Maxtex international

Maxtex Trading Group is on the track to become an international business. We are delight and proud to establish our oversea branches. With over 30 years of experience of Mr. Tripop Boonmuan in color sorting machine for improving the quality of agricultural products, we are ready to service our customers across ASEAN.

Maxtex Singapore

Maxtex Singapore, our first branch, is the center of management and service of ASEAN region. It brings color sorter, Maxsort, and other agricultural equipment as well as innovative structure for increasing value in flour, feed, and silica to our representatives in South East Asia. Maxtex Singapore is led by Mr. Andrew Khoo, and Mr. Steve Loh, who has over 26 years of experience in the service of food industry in South East Asia, as well as management team, and professional engineer in Singapore. 

Maxtex Vietnam

Recently, Macry Tan, operation manager, and his management team welcome Mr. Tripop Boonmuan, President and CEO of Maxtex Trading Group, Mr. Nguyen Quang Ngan/ Vietnam Chief Representative, and Mr. Steve Loh, regional trade manager, of Maxtex Singapore in Ho Chi Minh City. They signed the sale representative contract for Maxtex and discussed the trend of successful market.

Maxtex Indonesia

On 1 September 2017, Mr. Tripop Boonmuan, president and CEO of Maxtex Trading Group, and Mr. Steve Loh, regional trade manager of Maxtex Singapore, signed a contract with PT Maxtex Agrotek Indonesia led by Mr. Antonius Korin, as a sale representative of Maxtex’s products responsible for Indonesian market including sale, marketing, and complete customer service on machine, equipment, parts, and guideline for production line development in rice, seafood, and grains. We hope to further the development of agricultural industry in Indonesia.

Maxtex  Myanmar

On 14 September 2017, Madam Sein Sein Yi (Director) and her son, Mr. U MuangMuang Ye Min Thein (Country Director), signed the sale representative contract establishing a branch in Myanmar responsible for sale, marketing, and customer service. Madam Sein Sein Yi and her management team were astonished for cooperation and support from Maxtex, who is experienced in milling machine and equipment. Maxtex will bring the latest technology to develop the production line of mill and support agriculture which is considered a great chance for Myanmar.

Our Team

We are prepared for AEC to answer the business growth in rice and agricultural products. At present, our products are already exported to ASEAN and Europe, and this can be considered the pride of Thailand.