Pneumatic Sheller

Pneumatic Sheller is intended to facilitate the easy removal of husks from paddy grains. Input grain is passed between two counter-revolving rollers, which results in the removal of the husk from the grain. This machine is equipped with automatic systems that control the pressure exerted by the rollers, as well as the correct feed rate for the input grains. These are capable of removing husks with a 95% level of accuracy.

The use of pneumatic controls enables a degree of hulling with lesser broken. The lifespan of the rubber rollers is enhanced with the use of an inter-cooling system.

Advantages of MILLTEC Pneumatic Sheller :

  • Special Vibro-feeder arrangement to feed the paddy grains accurately between the two rubber rolls
  • Sensor-enabled panel disengages the rubber rollers automatically when input product flow stops
  • Feed rate can be controlled electronically
  • An inbuilt cooling system to dissipate heat generated on rubber rollers
  • Rubber Roll life up to 350 MT (5000 bags) for raw paddy (short & medium) and 650-700 MT (8000-10000 bags) par-boiled paddy (short & medium)

Technical Description