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Rice flour turnkey processing compact platform
through wet milling method technology

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Rice flour Turnkey processing Compact Platform by Wet Milling Method Technology

Producing native flour from various kinds of rice through the wet milling method by our Rice Flour Processing compact platform.

Due to modern advanced technology and innovation, our machinery produces silky white flour. Due to the food prescrvation system the rice has a shelf life of up to two years. Consequently this increases the product quality standard and reduces labour in the production process.

MAXX - 75 RFPC (75 kilograms per hour)
MAXX - 150 RFPC (150 kilograms per hour)
MAXX - 200 RFPC (200 kilograms per hour)
MAXX - 250 RFPC (250 kilograms per hour)

The finest flour products

Produce 17 rice flour varieties to achieve 100+ mesh

the best quality

Get the longest shelf life and the best quality

doubling income

More than 180% added value from cheap raw materials such as broken-milled rice or grits.

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