Rice Whitener

Our company is known as the prominent manufacturer and exporter of an excellent range of Rice Whitener. This equipment comes embedded with advanced technology of whitening process. The advanced technology in this equipment is integrated to suit long rice grains. Best known for its shaft less construction of grinding wheels, this Rice Whitener consumes less power. It also includes independent adjustable vertical brakes, to enhance screen life. Rice grains discharge from the front end along with pressure regulator for uniform polishing.

The highly advanced series of whitener is offered integrated with cutting-edge technique of brown rice whitening with maintenance ease. This progressive technology is uniquely designed to suit Basmati Rice/ long grains.


  • Excellent stability
  • Noise and vibration free operation
  • User friendly design


  • Fitted with double inlet for smooth flow of product
  • Screen life is enhanced by the adjustable and independent vertical brakes
  • Option of aspiration suction from the rear or from the bottom to match varied customer needs
  • Lesser vibration and better stability by redesigned machine frame
  • Uniform polish by the discharge of rice from the front along with regulation of pressure
  • Grinding wheels with shaft-less construction for minimizing power consumption

Technical Description