MFF is a modern rice processing factory. It is   located at Phase 9, Amata Nakorn Industrial   Estate, Chonburi Province. MFF produces       and processes rice, using state-of-the-art,         world-class manufacturing technology; and   greatly emphasizes the use of simple and       safe manufacturing processes (Food Safety)

 We provide a virtual tour of our factory, using   the SMART Technology that allows visitors to   inspect the site through various viewpoints   available. We also provide guides to answer     the questions of potential investors and     visitors through the entire production line         of Maxx Series products.


 Maxtex recognizes the prominent advantages   of the Maxx Series production process, as we   created many world-class innovations,   technologies, know-how, technical processes,   which we deliver to our customers,

 Maxtex recognizes the importance of developing   knowledge and education, in order to further   spread the knowledge to the general public.   Training is an important component of company   development as it prevents employees from   being stagnated and promotes continuous   improvement. As they improve and progress       in their career, employees will be better   motivated to perform their duties.

 Come visit our rice processing factory.       Maxtex Trading Group Co., Ltd. recognizes and   emphasizes the importance of educating our   visitors and potential investors, by providing   them with a tour of our facilities, whether by   the offline site visit or the online – virtual tour,   using the live streaming system.

 At Maxtex, we prioritize what our customers   want, especially the problems they face. If   customers require our support to solve any   issues, we’ve arranged a modern meeting room   that is capable of supporting both offline and   online meetings.


“Maxtex” launches Maxx-Series RFPC, producing wet milled rice flour for the world market.

Daily Manager 360 – “Maxtex Trading Group” enhances the production process of wet milled rice flour, launches Maxx-Series RFPC, a compact machine to penetrate SMEs, prepare to market through online-offline channels, both in the country and around the world. Aims to generate 20 billion in revenue in 10 years, and accelerate research and development of premium grade flour production under the MAXX brand for export, including OEM production.

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Punpun Pang Jao

Free donation of good quality rice flour used as ingredients for food, snacks, and bakeries to help merchants in the situation of COVID-19

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The management of Maxtex Engineering Co.,Ltd. has realized the importance of responsibility. We believe that a good start is important foundation of lasting success. Therefore, we continue to do business while taking care of society. So that society can develop continuously and can grow with us.

Coaching and Training

The management of Maxtex recognizes that the importance of supporting and developing knowledge of employees is a mission critical to the growth of the company. The coaching and training continues to develop to keep pace with changing circumstances.