Max Screen

is a range of top-quality whitener and polisher screens. They are made in Italy by special processes to guarantee high performance and durability and therefore the highest satisfaction for our customers. Max Screen is available for various brands of milling machines.
Max Screen has been tested in exporter rice mills in the harshest conditions. The screens were using in maximum production, 24 hours a day for 10 months, proving their quality and durability, and as a result they have been chosen as the preferred brand.

Notable quality

Max Screens are made from top-quality European steel, which is hardened using special patented processes, and they have a distinctive black finish. The life of Max Screen is over twice as long as screens made in China, Thailand, and India.
The high-quality production process ensures accurate slot size and angle, reducing the breakage of grains and increasing whitening, polishing, and silkiness.
The slots are cut creating a perfectly smooth surface with no burrs, and the silky black finish covers the whole surface of the screen, including inside the slots. This overall low-friction surface improves bran extraction, also increasing milling efficiency and reducing grain breakage.