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Sesotec, the best optical color sorter innovation.

VTC Group Co., Ltd., Germany had debuted the Sesotec Optical Color Sorter, model RGB Full Color, with the most advanced laser collimated technology. 

Equipped with LED system from the U.S.A., it enables a clearer viewing of the sorted products. Sesotec is the first manufacturer in the industry who implemented collimated laser technology to improve the effectiveness of the sorting. It can efficiently reduce loss and increase productivity.

During the sorting, discolored rice including light-grey, light-violet, or light-yellow rice will be rejected to increase the benefit from your production line.

The machine is of the advanced German-Italian design and a sturdy and stable structure. It has a specifically designed damage protection system for circuits, high-speed camera data transmission, a high-speed and precise data analysis, low noise, high-quality LED, long operating life, and a steady lighting system. The machine is equipped with high-quality SMC blowers which are globally accepted by the customers and can be purchase in Thailand, to reduce the maintenance cost

SESOTEC ASM Quasa Intelligent optical sorter

The Most Advanced Innovation Of Optical Color Sorter For Agricultural Product Improvement.

A well done project is built with dedication and strategy

Advanced touch screen with waveform monitoring, especially in graphs, which can be programmed for more detail according to customer’s needs. This can greatly reduce the rate of quality grain in the rejected outlet. Perfect and realistic color acquisition and display.
Most advanced laser collimated system
Introduction menu for machine setting
Advanced and easy-to-use mapping system
10.5” display screen
Up to 0.09mm optical resolution
Option on MONO, RGB, NIR-InGaAs
Remote access and command, remotely accessible with laptop (24/7 remote service)
Very low maintenance cost after insurance period
SMC blowers can be purchased in Thailand (Reduce maintenance cost)

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