Innovation of rice flour production

by wet milling method through rice flour processing compact unit

Able to produce a premium signature product through branding and packaging to create additional uniqueness and nutritional value, such as rice flour with vitamins or essential nutrients.

Able to expand into consumer products in other industries such as mother and baby products, beauty products, and supplements.

Value Added

Processing cheap raw material (i.e. broken rice) into rice flour and help increase the value by more than 180%

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High Capacity

The  production capacity is 75 – 200 kilograms per hour.

75 KG

Low Cost

RFPC The machine  can be easily disassembled and moved freely. It is hygienic and suitable for SMEs and startups.

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Maxx-75 is a unique processing solution designed to process rice into native flour by wet-milling method which gives a better quality over other flour making processes, resulting in longer-lasting, finest and best quality flour.

Short Payback Period

After a short payback period, customers can invest in expanding the production line with low cost as there is no need to construct more utilities or hire more workforce.

Customers can customize the production process suitable for organic material such as organic rice, as well as millable agricultural crops such as Riceberry rice, peas, corns and grains.

create your own legacy

Small yet powerful