Useful information for Maxx Rice Flour

“Healthy Foods” or clean foods are becoming a hot trend for consumers, both young and adults who want to stay healthy. Many people choose alternative healthier food to consume, and the new healthy businesses are set up as start-ups or SMEs. To have a way to produce unique products for making healthy food is such a good way to start a future business.
Rice flour is one of the popular ingredients and important to choose a suitable kind of it to make some foods.
For the healthier choice, there are so many kinds of rice flour that are needed in the healthy food industry such as brown rice flour, basmati rice flour, rice berry rice flour, etc. The native rice flour can be used as it is, and is often used as pre-mix with other ingredients with many applications and combinations to produce savory recipes for baking, desserts, sweets, bread, pizza, etc.
So, Maxtex established the smart innovation, best technology, and know-how for rice flour processing by wet method to get the healthy premium rice flour for the healthy food industry.
We believe that the future food business will develop and drive the world forward.