Useful information for Maxx Rice Flour

Wet milling method is the way to provide premium wellness quality products and get them ready to be consumed healthily. There are advantages which is the reason why wet milling is more suitable than dry and semi-wet milling methods.
Pioneer and global leader for smart innovation, best technology, and know-how for rice flour processing.
Longest shelf life of approx. 2 years as compared to dry and semi-wet milling methods.
Finest flour product achieving approx. 100 mesh and beyond.
Best in flour quality compared to flour produced by dry or semi-wet processing method.
Guaranteed to retain its natural color and rancid-free throughout its shelf life, through our unique wet method processing technology.
Able to achieve desired moisture content between the range of approx. 11% to 13%, depending on customer requirements.
Impurities are cleaned and removed from rice before milling.
Uses special heat exchanger control temperature technology to preserve flour quality and longer shelf life.
The native rice flour can be used as it is, and is often used as a pre-mix with other ingredients with many applications and combinations to produce savory recipes for baking, desserts, sweet, bread, pizza, tempura,
Easy and quick cleaning process according to strict hygiene standards required by various food safety authorities such as FDA, HACCP, GMP, HALAL & GHP. Acceptable hygienic.
Cost-effective processing.
Wet milling method we chose to produce rice flour will achieve enhanced rice flour and world consuming.