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Customer service is our utmost pride for 2 decades

We will solve your problem, wholeheartedly. No matter who you are, please call us.

“It cannot be just “anyone”, when it comes to service”

The reputation in quality and standard of Maxtex’s customer service had always been reliable, impressive, and recognized by our customers. We provide considerate services in every step, rapid parts repairing and delivering, on-spot problem solving, as well as machine maintenance consulting by a team of professional engineers with more than 10 years of experience.

Every part passed the quality check before delivered to customers to ensure high production power and minimum loses

We ready to serve you with a team of high-experienced professional engineers who passed the training according to Maxtex standard, and specialized in machines.

We develop non-stop to create new solutions and know-how to solve and improve the production line.

Check out all our services

PLI Project
(Production Line Improvement)

Production Line Improvement (PLI) Project is Maxtex’s outstanding feature. We apply innovation and new solutions to rice industry in order to increase the productivity, reduce loss, increase value and profit. With 20 years’ experience of Maxtex and 30 years’ experience of Mr. Tripop, our team of expert engineers is capable to solve, improve, develop, and create highest benefit in your production line. At the present, Maxtex is aware of the importance of the production line in business. We increase the effectiveness of work, reduce the failure rate of every machine in the production line for an effective industry and increased profit. Production Line Improvement is the project that Maxtex will implement for our customers to increase yield, reduce loss, add value, and increase profit. This is the new solution in milling and exporting industry.

Training courses from the experts

“To be the role model for business, the importance lies in learning,” this is the inspiration that remind Mr. Tripop that our customers need to know how to operate machine and make initial maintenance. In the maintenance of the machines in the production line, only scheduled maintenance and break-down maintenance is not efficient. The operator needs to know and understand the issue, as well as the right way to operate. Maxtex gives an utmost importance in knowledge sharing. We provide 25 courses on the development and maintenance of the production line which are taught by experienced engineers. We provide the learning facility, food, and convenience for the staff and customers. There is also an assessment after the training, and the participants will also receive a certificate.

Service Provider

We provide maintenance for all sorters and parts in milling and exporting industry. There are several service programs for deteriorated and long-operating life machines. We use washing room to clean old machines which will be overhauled in assembling room. Every service is examined with a simulator for a reliable quality.

Value calculation

Value calculation: We provide value calculation for the products processed by the machine to calculate the add value, profit, and loss.

Online Trouble Shooting

Our Online Troubleshooting (OTS) is a fast-online service that customers can ask for suggestion or basic solution which can reduce downtime and put machine in work before a thorough maintenance.

Regional Service Center

Maxtex established 2 regionals service center which are in Nakhonsawan, northern region; and Khon Kaen, northeastern region to reduce the machine transportation time for maintenance.

Example of our project Loong Boon Mee Project

Maxtex helped solving working system and machine issues, as well as sharing the right way of working and operating machine. When know-hows are implemented, the team can develop a more effective project.

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