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“Maxtex” promotes innovation of compact unit rice flour processing to export to the market of neighboring countries

Mr. Tripop Boonmuan, Chief Executive Officer of Maxtex Trading Group Co., Ltd. revealed that the company has accelerated the development and inventing of products to be more diverse. to make a difference Create added value for products and expanding business performance to be in line with the current market demand and create new changes in various types of rice flour business

In 2019, Thailand has exported rice flour worth as high as 1,329 million baht, an increase of about 5.17% from 2018 (Reference: Information and Communication Technology Center Office of the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Commerce with cooperation from the Customs Department) Rice flour export is also a business that is expected to have a continuous increase in exports due to low rice prices Therefore, manufacturers have turned to focus on rice processing to be more diverse.

The company has invented the world’s first innovation in the form of mini factory and Maxtex Rice Flour Mill Project or the Wet Milling Method for rice flour processing by targeting small and medium-sized businesses or SMEs to invest. After the launch, it received a very good response from foreign markets such as Vietnam.

Vietnam is a fast-growing country  with good economic factors The company saw the possibility of generating revenue and profit continuously. Currently, the company is in the bidding process for both small and large sized clients. Total sales value is about 17 million US dollars, or about 510 million baht. As for the domestic market, it was found that There are investors who are interested and have already bid the project worth about 65 million baht.

“Our highlight is Maxx Series RFPC, Rice Flour Processing , which are innovative with Know How and have their own technology. It is the first manufacturer in the world to produce a compact rice flour mill with a capacity of 75 kg per hour. and can increase production capacity up to 150 kg per hour in the Maxx – 150 RFPC model. We have a Feasibility Study and ROI so that customers can see potential investment opportunities. We have clearly calculated that there is little investment and payback very quickly.”

The main selling point of the Maxx Series RFPC models is that they are compact machines so there is no need to stockpile or use large quantities of raw materials. Just 75 kg/h raw material for Maxx – 75 RFPC and 150 kg/h raw material for Maxx – 150 RFPC and above is enough to start the process and can also modify a variety of raw materials. Such as non-glutinous rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, riceberry rice, parboiled rice, Japanese rice, basmati rice, especially organic rice. The workflow is not difficult and easy to clean This is different from large machines that require large quantities of raw materials to begin production. Therefore, it can be said that Maxx Series RFPC is a wat milling rice flour processing that has been developed to create added value, expand, and generate double income. Considering the value and duration of the investment, it is a very worthwhile investment.

For the year 2021, the company has spent more than 60 million baht in marketing budget to accelerate marketing and public relations activities. both in – abroad. It will start from the market in Thailand first. As for the international market, it will focus on communicating to investors about the company’s products that have adv and are worth the investment. Importantly, there is also a very fast payback. It is a product that stands out for its quality as a Premium Product from Thailand

Then there will be public relations advertisements in the form of openings for Open House, roadshow and exhibition both domestically and internationally in 2021 for investors to see the work process more clearly and it creates alternative opportunities for investors as well.

The company has set a goal that will have global revenues of 20 billion baht or about 700 million US dollars within 10 years or within 2031, both the Compact Unit and the Large Size Unit, divided into the Vietnamese market, worth 6 billion baht. The market in Thailand is expected to sell Maxx Series RFPC 10 Units per year, worth more than 1,700 million baht and production size 300 – 2,000 kilograms per hour, amount of 2 units per year, worth more than 2 billion baht.

It also plans to distribute to other countries around the world worth more than 11 billion baht. There are government agencies that will come to support this project to reach more foreign markets as well as using the agent, distributor and franchise system to create a network or network for doing business worldwide in order to reinforce the potential of Thai skilled brands


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