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Maxtex is a distributor and service provider of       machinery and equipment in the rice milling and rice export industries, specializing in color sorting machines to improve rice quality. 
We are well-known for our remarkable skill and     experience, as well as our highly valued after-sales service. Our expertise in machinery repairs and quick, efficient service, as well as our ongoing        development of cutting-edge technology, make us a known and respected organization in the industry, recognized and relied on by those who know the business.
Maxtex is the first company to bring cutting-edge                  innovations and new agricultural machinery with a wide range of uses to help rice exporters and mill operators conceptualize and build Thailand’s rice-producing                  industry. 
This has resulted in Thai rice being universally considered the greatest in the world during the last 25 years. This denotes innovation, leadership, and the         ability to pioneer new ideas that no one else is willing to take on, ultimately leading to significant success.
Maxtex is a specialist in the rice milling and export                 industries, and we saw a potential to add value to byproducts generated in the rice milling and export           industries, notably rice bran and rice husks. We have     undertaken steps to develop these by-products inside the rice milling business, including research and the     procurement of machinery. 
This entails boosting the value of rice bran and rice husks by transforming them into rice flour, a high-value market product. This value addition not only benefits the organization but also          efficiently matches market expectations.


From Rice to Rice Flour: Maxtex's Journey
in Specialized Rice Flour Production
Maxtex identified an opportunity in the flour industry by transforming rice into flour that differs from the conventional market offerings. These include rice flour like brown rice flour, glutinous rice flour, Japanese rice flour, basmati rice flour, and various other organic rice flour. Large flour mills typically do not produce such specialized flours, but the Maxx Series RFPC is capable of handling these operations.
The Maxx Series RFPC is responsible for producing Maxx Flour, which possesses a range of desirable qualities. The fineness of the flour can be adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the client, with the option to grind it to a maximum fineness of 100 Mesh. The properties of this flour are better than those of flours made using dry milling or semi-dry milling methods.
For individuals with gluten sensitivities, this product is considered safe as it does not contain any gluten protein. Rice flour is known for its delicate texture and pleasant fragrance. The production method utilizes high-quality, whole rice grains to enhance flavor and increase nutritional value. This method can be used to make various kinds of rice flour, including jasmine rice flour, brown jasmine rice flour, glutinous rice flour, Japanese rice flour, Japanese brown rice flour, and riceberry rice flour, among others.
Maxx Series and Maxx Flour Factory are located in the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Phase 9, Chonburi Province. These facilities are well-suited for producing high-quality and safe flours that meet FDA, HACCP, HALAL, and GHP food standards. They also offer a rapid return on investment with smart machine control systems and easy maintenance.

Where Excellence Meets Assurance

Maxtex has earned several certifications and standards to ensure the quality and safety of products. These certifications include:

Innovating Tomorrow: Our Commitment to Research and Development

Research and Development plays a crucial role in building customer confidence. 
Through continuous research and development efforts, companies are able to improve products and services, ensuring that we meet the               ever-changing needs and expectations of our customers. By investing in research and                    development, companies can stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive edge.
At our company, we have a dedicated and passionate Research and Development (R&D) team. This team is committed to fostering creativity and continuously            improving our products and services. Our main goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. 
Our R&D team drives the development of various          products in order to foster continuous business growth and share knowledge within the agricultural technology industry. Our aim is to ensure sustainability by keeping pace with the new era that prioritizes health.
Maxtex places a strong emphasis on cleanliness, safety, and the elimination of chemical residues in the flour     production process. 
This product caters to the needs of health-conscious individuals.

Recipes With the UTMOST Brown Rice Flour

Here at Maxtex, we’re all about spreading the word about tasty and nutritious food choices.
This is why we have worked with famous chefs and nutritionists to create a wide variety of delicious dishes that all feature our brown rice flour. Delicious gluten-free bread, toast, cookies, muffins, butter cakes, sweet buns, tortillas, and grissini are just some of the options that can be found in our collection of recipes.
 But that’s not all we’ll do. Pasta, gluten-free pizza crusts, noodles, and crunchy fried snacks are just a few of the savory alternatives we’ve added to our recipe collection thanks to the ongoing collaboration with dietitians. We strive to meet your dietary and aesthetic requirements with options that are both healthy and delicious.


The company is innovative, open for all occasions and the challenges for working with more quality and efficiency.
 The company is open and encourages all personnel to be ready to face changes without pre-judgment to overcome every limitation to achieve possibilities. The company always studies and exchanges knowledge, dare to take initiative, modifications and enhancements creatively, turning ideas into real practice.
The company cares about customers and commits to developing service to excellence by focusing on and paying attention to customers internally and externally.
The company pays attention to customer demand, focuses on the availability of personnel, and always provides services to the customers. The company must know customers and products proficiently in order to provide services that exceeds expectations and always takes into account the customer’s point of view, even during difficult times. The company must be ready to admit mistakes and take corrective action immediately to meet the needs of customers that keep changing all the time.
The personnel of the company work together as a team for the advancement of the whole business group. The company encourages its personnel to work for the organization under the same main goals and with guidelines for business decision making taking into account the most beneficial choice of all parties.
The company always listens to and respect different perspectives, creates new knowledge networks to enhance knowledge and experiences together, as well as collaboration between departments and business groups in order to lead to the unity of the organization.
The mind is attached to both colleagues, business partners and society for sustainable growth. The Company realizes the value and respect for diversity in age, culture, and gender in order to foster an attentive, sincere, flexible and caring work environment for colleagues, business partners and society, with an emphasis on keeping commitments to build confidence and trust in the work including having a sense of social responsibility for sustainable growth.
The company aims to maintain business ethics and good governance, encourages the personnel to work responsibly with honesty and credibility for both oneself and others, do not ignore when the wrong doing is found in the company and work with transparency, be open and verifiable, as well as complying with the rules and regulations of the Company.

Our Commitment

The dedication of our team remains steadfast as we strive for perfection, providing exceptional services and products on a global scale. Utilizing our extensive knowledge and a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we consistently strive to exceed expectations on a global scale. We prioritize staying ahead of industry trends through our dedication to innovation, which allows us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our global clientele. Ensuring your contentment is our utmost priority, and we are firmly committed to providing unmatched services and products worldwide.

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