Training services for improving the performance: continuous improvement and update

We provide training services to improve our customers' capability to solve the problem and maintain the machines on their own, as well as to use their machines efficiently. The training services provided by us are, including:
  • In-house training: training courses that are provided at Maxtex Head Quarter, Agent, and Business Unit will be fundamental theory training. The in-house training courses also provide examination and certification to participants.
  • On-site training: the on-site training courses will be provided at the customers’ factories/machines and will focus on practical aspects, allowing participants to efficiently operate the machine or systems used by the customers, in order to improve their confidence to use the machines and to solve any related issues. Our engineers will be nearby to provide the trainees with instruction on the correct methods and to answer any questions.
  • Online training: online training course/live streaming is a novel form of training that reduces the burden of traveling and improves the participants’ safety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our customers can rest assured that Maxtex Service Network will always be ready to serve and take care of our customers.