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Live Streaming

The future of Maxtex Rice Flour business, Maxx Series/Maxx flour is now from vision to reality.

A vision has become reality with Maxtex Smart Livestreaming (LSM) is connected to our customer ,watcher or the conference Online in Real time.

Maxtex livestreaming is the one of our strategy for push and pull market that Maxtex has developed LSM platform as the motto “Seeing is Believing“

In the file attached you can see our LSM platform through Zoom system that watcher will view MFF (Maxtex Flour Factory) Tour and understanding the rice flour process through wet milling method by compact platform in Amata Industrial Park, Cholburi Province, Thailand.

Our professional equipment and team will show you our showcase and you are able to view our business model for the further development.

We spent so high investment and putting very high effort to drive the modern technology that it is our own creation connected to the investor or entrepreneur to aware and learning about our innovation, technology, know-how, Processing and rice flour information etc.

Maxtex LSM is the commercial creativity.

The communication through Livestreaming(LSM) to the entrepreneur globally need Online system to support our ADPR or adverstising and public relation to show them in Flour segment, agricultural segment to know about modern innovation to extend in Food Industry by using wellness trend to be added health care to the consumer.

Maxtex, we proud in business development for World Class level has become from our 25 year experience.

Maxtex Livestreaming shorten the world by your side !!!!!