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Thickness Grader

Thickness Grader

MILLTEC Thickness Grader is used to separate different thickness grains in Brown rice/ Polished rice. The material is processed through revolving cylindrical screens that are efficient for separating admixture of oversized or undersized grains. These can also be used to remove immature or broken grains from the input grain and can be installed with a variable speed drive to enable customers to customize the input speed.

The product is subjected to traverse in the wire mesh cylinders which are provided with product-specific wire mesh, resulting in the separation of thick and thin grains. The machine is specifically designed and best suited for Raw rice, Steam rice, Par-boiled rice, Boiled rice and Basmati rice.

MILLTEC Thickness Grader features :

  • Imported wire mesh cylinders
  • Finely balanced inlet for efficient distribution of product
  • Rotary brush for cleaning of cylinders
  • Construction : M.S with laser cut steel sheet structure
  • Available Range : 3TPH TO 12 TPH

Advantages of MILLTEC Thickness Grader :

  • A specially designed cylindrical screen that ensures the accuracy of separation
  • Efficient separation of immature rice, tips & small broken rice
  • Customised selection of sieves to suit various application
  • Can be fitted with variable speed drive (optional)

Technical Description

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