PDPA Terms

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Personal information definition

Personal information is information about an individual that allows that person to be identified. Either direct or indirect

Personal information collected

Maxtex.net We will use lawful and fair methods to collect only limited personal information as necessary.
Under the objective of maxtex.net, a Leader of technology innovation and machinery in Southeast Asia for the food industries, agricultural products, vegetables, fruits, seafood, plastics, flour, and medicines in Bangkok, Thailand which collects your personal information as follows:


Such personal information is necessary for the operation of Maxtex.net if there is no such information
The system will not be able to function completely. The user can choose which personal information to save.
And willing to disclose such information to other persons or entities or not

Sources of personal information

Maxtex.net Obtaining personal information Only with the willingness of the user By registering to use Maxtex.net
This constitutes acceptance of the terms of use and permits the system to collect, use and disclose such information for the purpose.

Purposes for collecting personal information

Maxtex.net Will collect your personal information for use or disclose as necessary Under the purpose of using the service

Maxtex.net Will not perform any other activities different from those specified in the objective, unless required by law.
Or have a request letter that can comply with the law, for example, for the need to prevent health and dangerous communicable diseases

Collection, use or disclosure of personal information

Maxtex.net Will process your personal information For collecting, using and disclosing personal information
With your consent for the stated purposes only. In addition, Maxtex.net
It may be necessary to disclose your personal information to authorities or competent authorities, for example:
Court hearings and conduct of judicial process officials

Retention and retention period of personal information

Maxtex.net Be aware of the importance of the security of your personal information. Maxtex.net
Hence, there are appropriate measures to maintain the security of personal information in accordance with confidentiality.
And prevent unauthorized access, destruction, use, conversion, correction or disclosure of personal information Without rights or unlawfulness

The period of storage of personal information throughout the period of use. Maxtex.net To make the system work perfectly
However, after the retention period And there is no reason to continue to keep that personal information.
Will delete or destroy your personal information

Rights of the data subject

You have the right to process: the right to withdraw consent, the right to access personal information,
Right to object to collection, use or disclosure of personal information, right to erasure and rectification of personal information unless there are restrictions on rights by law

You can contact Maxtex.net In order to be able to carry out the above right Without any expenses And will notify the results of the request within 30 days

If you find a leak on maxtex.net? Will notify you within 72 hours


Controller of Personal Information

130/150 Soi Ramintra 40, Yaek 6, Nuanchan Rd., Nuanchan, Buengkum, Bangkok 10240 Thailand
Tel. 02-948-8281 
Email: info@maxtex.net