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Useful information for Maxx Series RFPC Turnkey Processing through wet milling method

Maxx-Series RFPC by wet milling method, the newest and most complete rice flour processing innovation in the world market.
Produce the premium quality products for various industries whether the food industry in terms of the input raw materials for baking, desserts,sweets, breads, and also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
Maxtex unique Rice Flour Processing Compact Platform ( RFPC ) by wet
milling method is created from our very own know-how technology and is
entirely made in Thailand. Maxx Series is designed to produce world class
platforms to process and transform various kinds of rice to rice flour,
catering to customers globally. We assure customers and consumers alike
will enjoy our best quality products. Customers who purchase Maxx Series
will benefit from optimum technology with fantastic advantages such as
incredible revenue with high profit margins, multiple value added solutions
and quick return on investment.
The more innovative, the more advantageous with Smart Technology.