By-order Production Service (OEM)

            Maxtex Service Network provides the by-order production service, using cutting-edge Wet Milling method that is of the international standard. Our production line is certified for its quality control, whether with the certifications for food safety and industry-standard certifications, such as GMP, HACCP, HALAL, FDA, etc, in order to reassure our customers. Customers may place the order with the information of container size or quantity that they want, or they may simply acquire the readily available Maxtex’s products (Mountain brand / Maxx Flour brand) for further application.

            Maxtex has a standardized wet-milled, rice flour milling factory that is capable of producing high-quality flour, with the finest of over 100 Mesh or 150 Micron, and a shelf-life of over 2 years, without any change in the flour’s odor or color. Our wet-milled flour maintains the unique fragrance of rice flour, especially the brown rice flour, which can be used as the basic ingredient for other multi-purpose flours, such as tempura flour, crispy banana flour, and Bualoy flour; and can be used to substitute the wheat flour in bakery products. Moreover, the production system of Maxtex allows us to produce various kinds of flour from whole grain rice, such as Rice Berry rice flour, Japanese rice flour, Basmati rice flour, brown rice flour, etc. Maxtex is able to produce any rice flours as per our customers’ demand within a short period of time, even for a small number.

            Customers may visit the Maxtex Flour Factory (MFF) physically, conveniently use the real time live stream system to go on a tour of our factory, by simply notifying Maxtex of their wishes and making the appointment for a convenient date and time. At present, Maxtex is developing a VR-based, 360-degree virtual tour that will allow our customers to see our demonstration and presentation.

By-order Production Service