“Maxtex” launches Maxx-Series RFPC, producing wet milled rice flour for the world market.

Daily Manager 360 – “Maxtex Trading Group” enhances the production process of wet milled rice flour, launches Maxx-Series RFPC, a compact machine to penetrate SMEs, prepare to market through online-offline channels, both in the country and around the world. Aims to generate 20 billion in revenue in 10 years, and accelerate research and development of premium grade flour production under the MAXX brand for export, including OEM production.

“Maxtex” promotes innovation of compact unit rice flour processing to export to the market of neighboring countries

Mr. Tripop Boonmuan, Chief Executive Officer of Maxtex Trading Group Co., Ltd. revealed that the company has accelerated the development and inventing of products to be more diverse. to make a difference Create added value for products and expanding business performance to be in line with the current market demand and create new changes in …