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“Maxtex” launches Maxx-Series RFPC, producing wet milled rice flour for the world market.

Daily Manager 360 - “Maxtex Trading Group” enhances the production process of wet milled rice flour, launches Maxx-Series RFPC, a compact machine to penetrate SMEs, prepare to market through online-offline channels, both in the country and around the world. Aims to generate 20 billion in revenue in 10 years, and accelerate research and development of premium grade flour production under the MAXX brand for export, including OEM production.

Mr. Tripop Boonmuan, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maxtex Trading Group Co., Ltd., the developer of a compact unit of Rice Flour Processing with Wet Milling Method, revealed that after the company dedicated to developing and inventing a variety of products and create added value for the product and expand the business performance heavily in the past,

now the company is ready to launch the Maxx-Series RFPC, a rice flour milling process with a compact unit wet milling method for processing various kinds of rice which is targeted for small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs. The company is currently in the process of trademark registration (Trade Mark) and patents.

In addition, the quality of rice flour obtained from Maxx-Series RFPC is high quality, more than 100 mesh, moisture content about 13%, which is in good standard. The shelf life of the flour can be stored for more than 2 years.

“The rice flour milling process of this model is easy to clean. There are mainly 3 main parts: 1. soaking and milling part, 2. pressing part, and 3. baking part. So it can be said that Maxx-Series RFPC is a wet milling rice flour production process that can create added value, expand and increase revenue exponentially and it’s very worthwhile for the investment,” said Mr. Tripop. 

The company plans to distribute the Maxx-Series RFPC worldwide and build a trade network through Maxtex Singapore, Maxtex’s Business Unit to manage foreign trade in order to reach more international markets including the agent distribution system and the franchise model to create a network in the world wide business. We plan to have advertising and public relations through both online and offline media including Open House, product exhibitions (Road Show) and exhibitions both domestic and international event in 2021 for investors to see the process of machine’s operation.

“We have a system of feasibility studies and ROI of the investment for customers to see the possibility of investing in how much their investment budget is and how many years will it take to pay back the capital. The formula for calculating clearly shows that the investment is low and the payback is fast. It is believed that these machines will receive a good response from both the domestic market and abroad” said Mr. Tripop.

On the other hand, Ms. Sawitree Jomchan, Vice President of Maxtex Trading Group Co., Ltd. added that besides the company focused on developing and innovating products to meet the needs of various markets for more than 24 years.

Currently, it is in the process of research and development for the production of wet milled rice flour to be another alternative to the flour market by using the Maxx-75 RFPC and Maxx-150/200 RFPC, which can export innovations of Thai people. We are applying the government’s BCG Model policy on green economy to make changes in the agricultural sector by developing agricultural products to be higher value.

“At present, we produce flour from Maxx 75-200 RFPC machine with modern packaging design under Maxx brand from various kinds of rice such as non-glutinous rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, riceberry rice, Japanese rice, basmati rice, etc. for export premium grade rice flour all over the world through both online and offline sales channels. In addition, there are plans to produce OEM or contract manufacturing for modern trade groups, entrepreneurs and general investors,” said Ms. Sawitree.

Ms. Sawitree also said that the company also attaches importance to social care by continually participating in CSR activities with the community, such as donating rice to help flood victims, giving scholarships to children, donating sports equipment to schools that are far away and lacking opportunities, etc. and due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 which has a heavy impact on the economy and society of Thailand including other countries at present.

Therefore, the company has opened a Facebook page called “Punpun Pangjao” to help Thai merchants. Whether they are selling snacks, food and using rice flour as a raw material for cooking or general people by giving away free rice flour to people who registered to receive assistance. The company would like to be a small part of Thailand in helping and giving back to society including creating morale and encouraging Thai people who do not give up on problems and obstacles that arise.


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